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CCTV Security

Big, small, or anywhere in between, every business is at the risk of crime. Most people never think any security breaches will happen to their business, and before you know it, it’s too late. Instead of waiting for the worst, you should act now and follow a simple method to prevent crime. At aiGoma Ltd, we give you the power to act whenever crime strikes!


With our CCTV services, we provide the following:

  • Installation of Analogue camera, IP CCTV, PTZ camera etc.
  • Internal or External camera
  • Free Consultation and free quote (Cover London and Hertfordshire area)
  • CCTV maintenance – engineer will come on site to check all cameras making sure they are operational
  • CCTV Support – manage backup and, if required, copy CCTV capture to CD, USB or Download link.

Our area of expertise:

  • Hotels
  • Golf club
  • Restaurant
  • Bar & Pub
  • Construction Sites
  • Business premises
  • Halls & Venues
  • Schools
  • Car parks & Garages
  • Industrial Estates

Whenever you need our help, we’re always there. Contact us for more information!